Lighting up the night


Tomorrow’s dentists


Lynx kittens

foreign affairs tweet


cleanup DSC_7974



All Mothers’ Children

all mothers children


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March 2 Justice

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Samaritan Ministry

samaritan ministry

Working photographer

photographer at work IMG_9450 178 120

Galloping princess

Halloween DSC_0676 378 415

The Ministry of Teaching

cmt 378 415

General counsel

bohrer _DSC7442

Marc Goes Polar

marc 378244

Silver Spring New Year

ss new year 378 244

Black Lives Matter

black lives matter _DSC4416 378 415


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Is that where they keep the money?

A morning view of the U.S Treasury Building and the Washington Monument beyond it.


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Day at the Museum

Students from Stanford's CISAC honors program get a history lesson at the National Portrait Gallery.

General on the battlefield

Retired Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, discusses the battle of Gettysburg with students from Stanford's CISAC honors program in Gettysburg, PA. Standing beyond Gen. Eikenberry are two other veterans of the Afghanistan & Iraq wars.

Eisenhower Building

valerie jarrett

Logo animation

Animation for the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.


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The Gettysburg battlefield in Gettysburg, PA.


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Justice Ginsburg

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“Biker Terrorists Rule the Road”

biker terrorists revised

Marine One

The president leaves the White House on the "Marine One" helicopter.


Photo © 2014 Jay Mallin   jay@jaymallinphotos.com


Photo © 2014 Jay Mallin   jay@jaymallinphotos.com


Photo © 2014 Jay Mallin   jay@jaymallinphotos.com

Summer movie

golden triangle movie 378 x 268 DSC_3022

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboy and Indian Alliance Protests Keystone XL Pipeline

Ashes to Go 2014

Ashes to Go 2014

Two Portraits

Melissa Rogers, supervising producer at Stone Soup Films, and Pablo Carrillo, chief of staff for Arizona's Sen. John McCain.


national phil

“Extreme Chopin”

Brian Ganz plays "Extreme Chopin"
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Fresh Expressions

Video trailer for series of videos looking at "Fresh Expressions" for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

Busted Bishop

United Methodist Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño is photographed after arrest during a protest over immigration policies at the White House. Still photo one of a series used on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show.


aliya DSC_8049bw-m


Brian Ganz thumbnail

Mourning Mandela

Mourners place flowers in front of a statue of Nelson Mandela outside the South African embassy in Washington DC.  During the latter years of the apartheid an almost continuous stream of anti-apartheid demonstrators was arrested on this spot.
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3D Animation

3d animation for video bumper

Piaf en concert

piaf DSC_0967

Pro bono

DSC_2573  David Remes
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Talking Might Not Be a Bad Idea

House Republicans Speak On Shutdown, Debt Ceiling


Federal Government Shuts Down


Cruz Marathon Speech Against Healthcare Funding Continues

Plenty of Parking

Cruz Marathon Speech Against Healthcare Funding Continues

50th Anniversary March

"I have a dream"

Do you want to be arrested?

Do you want to be arrested?

Mike S.

mike s. 404-588

Grandparents on the march

March for Grandchildren
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Yellow bike

Yellow bike at Bruce Variety in Bethesda, MD
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Flower girl

Kaitlin Radebaugh, cover of July 20123 Floral Management. © 2013 Jay Mallin

Gold leaf

Leaf in gold finish in table detail for Salvations Architectural Furnishings.

Super 8 and Capitol Pride

St. John's Norwood in Capital Pride Parade

Stills to video

Taylor Agostino Group

Fleeing the building



inmigración DSC_2319

Solar absorber

"Solar absorber"

$820 Billion


Witness against gun violence

Witness against gun violence - video

Spring biking

Spring 2013 bishop's rides v3 copy

We want to know

Survey poster


Bethesda Avenue flowers.  © 2013 Jay Mallin

Hard at work on the sequester

The U.S. Capitol.  Photo © 2013 Jay Mallin.  All rights reserved.

Sierra Club Civil Disobedience

sierra club cd

Darryl Hannah

sierra club - darryl hannah tweet

Wounded warrior games

'Wounded Warriors' Compete in Volleyball at the Pentagon

Extreme Chopin

Ganz _DSC6244

Four more…

Second inauguration of President Barack Obama

Over the cliff and into 2013


Behind (almost) closed doors

White House, Congress avert fiscal cliff


Protester Rives Grogan is taken through the U.S. Capitol basement under arrest after disrupting the U.S. Senate by shouting anti-abortion slogans from the visitors' gallery on Dec. 29, 2012.  Photo:  Jay Mallin

What a relief!!!


The NRA speaks

NRA Press Conference In Wake Of Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Maryland Dream Act

maryland dream act



Joining hands

hands 11

Out of the art?

Admiring the Art

For more video

Still from Raise the Wage video for 1199 SEIU.  Photo © 2013 Jay Mallin

Are you in the game?

basketball_DSC8037 card size

Saving Blair Mountain

blair mountain


Newt Gingrich in interview

Interfering with Traffic

interfering with traffic

Anthony Anderson

anthony anderson DSC9465