The Bridge

Speaking Freely

The Cobham Spirit

National Philharmonic

Musical Gardening

Christmas dance (and sermon)

Beauvoir School

50 Years of Caring


Terrence Sterling


Clean Energy

Polish Drinking Song


Moslem vigil

Bethesda Cares

Campus ministries

KXL Victory

Production shot

Funeral for Poverty Wages

Interview screenshot

Tomorrow’s dentists


All Mothers’ Children

Samaritan Ministry

The Ministry of Teaching

Marc Goes Polar

Silver Spring New Year


Day at the Museum

“Biker Terrorists Rule the Road”

Ashes to Go 2014

, ,

Fresh Expressions


, ,

3D Animation


Grandparents on the march


Super 8 and Capitol Pride

St. John's Norwood in Capital Pride Parade

Stills to video

Taylor Agostino Group

Witness against gun violence

Witness against gun violence - video

Sierra Club Civil Disobedience

Darryl Hannah

The Maryland Dream Act


For more video

Saving Blair Mountain

Interfering with Traffic